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So… the time came. I decided, for the first time in my life, to go on a diet. Did I really need to diet? No. I’m not overweight. Actually, I’m healthy for my weight. However, I have always been extremely skinny, and I felt that dieting would make me feel healthier and put me back to my weight that I’ve always been, as I have gained a few pounds over the last few years. Was it the best idea? Maybe- it has helped get healthier. Did I enjoy it? No. Did it work? Yes, I am back at my ideal weight.

I have come to the conclusion, however, that a diet really isn’t for me. I love food too much to have it taken away. That’s one of my vices that I would like to keep in my life.

Did I learn anything? Absolutely! I learned that moderating what I eat (not dieting but watching myself and maybe not having Taco Bell at 11pm or cutting back on a Poptart a day) will do wonders for myself. I learned that drinking water throughout the day is really a solid idea. All of these things will keep me at my ideal weight now that I am back there. I learned that increasing my activity throughout the day and working out more (and maybe actually using the treadmill in my bedroom) really will fix the problem on its own and keep me eating what I love.

So here’s how the diet went- It’s a nutritional diet. It, effectively, cut out meat and most carbs while keeping me eating fruits and veggies. Occasionally, I could eat a little rice. On the first day, all I could eat was low-sugar fruits. I would eat one every couple of hours throughout the day. I was always weak and hungry! The second day was the same routine with veggies. That day was a little easier, but I was still feeling weak and having a lot of headaches. I would wake up feeling horribly ill, weak, and unpleasant for the first few days. On the third day, I could eat veggies and fruit. The fourth day featured veggie soup, primarily, throughout the day. Finally, on the fifth day, I could introduce a little rice into the diet. That helped me TREMENDOUSLY. Through the end of the sixth and seventh days, I ate fruits and veggies around the rice.

It’s funny because I LOVE fruits and veggies- but I learned that they can’t be the only thing I eat. Eating the carbs that I do help me function. I need carbs. Period. Also, I love Chai Tea Lattes too much to cut them out of my life, but, perhaps, going a week without them, I learned that I could drink them in moderation.

So that’s been my dieting experience. I would like to say that dieting sucks. However, it is a good thing, as well. It opened my eyes to a lot, and it will be an experience that I will always remember.